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How we choose to do business

Our clothing products are used in applications across multiple industries, which demand the highest standards of performance and reliability. Here you will find summary information of just some of the key standards operated by our business.
Quality Standards 

The quality of our clothing and services play a key role in achieving customer satisfaction and in turn, ensuring ongoing sustainable business growth. It is the company's policy to provide competitive products and services, which fully conform to the customer, as well as applicable statutory and regulatory requirements on time and every time. For example: we meet and regularly exceed a multitude of British Standards in relation to occupational workwear.

The quality system of the Zell-Em Group works towards compliance with BS EN ISO 9001:2010. Our overall quality aim is to achieve long term profitability by providing goods and services which conform to the requirements of our customers and where relevant conform to legislation whilst striving to exceed customer needs and expectations at every opportunity.

Ethical Sourcing Standards

Zell-Em Group proactively works to ensure that all goods, works and services it procures are sourced ethically within its obligations as a best practice and in compliance with UK and EU legislation.

Zell-Em Group conducts its procurement process in line with the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) Base Code, WRAP and/or other satisfactory labour practice evidence. Key areas ensure:

  • Employment is freely chosen
  • Working conditions are safe
  • Child Labour shall not be used
  • Living wages are paid
  • Working hours are not excessive
  • No discrimination is practised
  • No inhumane treatment is allowed

Environmental Standards

Zell-Em Group recognises that our operations and those of our raw material suppliers have an effect on the environment. As a consequence of this, our management are committed to continuous improvements in environmental performance and the prevention of pollution. We recognise that environmental regulations, laws and codes of practice will be regarded as setting the minimum standards of our environmental performance.

Our main objectives and commitments are to:

  • Reduce, reuse and recycle waste and packaging.
  • Improve the efficiency of energy waste in our operations.
  • Seek to 'green the supply chain', as much as processes and customer requirements will allow.
  • Pursue low impact travel and transport policies, eliminating unnecessary travel and reducing travel requirements through careful planning.
  • Train and enthuse our staff in environmental consciousness.
  • Pursue an agenda of eco-design in our products where possible and in line with customer expectations.
  • Provide education on the environmental aspects of our operations.

For further information in relation to our Group's Standards and Policies, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.